I work with folks on a one-to-one basis to find clarity and move forward.

  • Discover the values.
  • Clarify your goals and life purpose.
  • Identify the obstacles holding you back
  • Emotional release and embodiment.
  • Create accountability.


I facilitate workshops with teams on areas of

  • Designing how teams work together.
  • Defining goals.
  • Identifying values.

Connect with Skyline for availability and options.


I work with clients on a sliding scale fee that honors a client’s budget and my expertise. My rate varies based on need, the work we will be doing, frequency, and duration.

This structure ensures my services can be accessed by a wider range of people. Those who can offer more can provide access for others who are not yet able to do so.

I am open to speaking candidly about pricing as part of a complimentary sample session.

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